Tan enigmáticos son los designios del Universo. También tan decepcionantes los mismos una ves reconoces los errores propios. Ciego estoy, ciego soy, pero aun así cumplo deseos y todo queda en el olvido.
Immanis Spes - Disappointed?
There's no mystery, no hidden mirrors.
As always here i am, maybe sleep, maybe wrong again.
I create you with primal clay to walk my way.
One day you make the question, and I have no answer.

There's no Future
No reason why
Why I disappointed you

Breathe it, smile please. It's no the End. I'm finally wild
and you can't change anything with your stupid smile.
Feel my anger, feel my freedom. I should walk away.
I have the answer, I've the question why.

There's no Future
No reason why
Why I disappoint you